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been missing my LJ!

Posted on 2010.06.11 at 03:14
Current Location: Jacksonville, FL
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Well, I've taken another vacation from LJ land, and just sitting here at 2:53 in the morning just doing what I do best....contemplating stuff. Well, the bad shit first....I fell off the wagon as far as smoking goes. A better way to put it is that I fell face first, and it's freakin miserable! I'm going to get my doc to write a prescription for Chantix. A friend of mine told me he used it, and he hasn't had a smoke in 3 years. I really hope the side affects aren't harsh, but my doc told me that most of the side affects are from just quitting smoking. I figure you have to go through some kind of ordeal for anything drastic tohappen in your life.
I finished the spring semester with 2 As and a B+, and I'm almost finished with my summer A class, which is so freakin easy that it is sickening....music appreciation and history of rock and roll....sounds tough, huh? lol Summer B will be Theories of personality and in the fall I take just 2 classes....dialogues amongst diverse populations and psychology of women then come sometime in December, I graduate! Yes indeed there will be a major party! I forgot if I mentioned it in the last post, but I was inducted into PSI CHI (International Honor Society in Psychology), so I have that feather in my cap. I have to admit that the thought of graduating leaves me feeling a little scared, but when I start the masters program fall of next year, I'm just diving right back into the madness.
You know, it feels so good to actually write an entry, and give it detail. Face Book really doesn't afford you that luxury. A friend of mine called me a "Face Book fag", but I'm not as bad as some of those folks who post updates of every little thing they are doing at any given minute. They might as well say that "well, I just finished dinner, took a shit, wiped my ass, then talked to whoever on the phone....etc". lol I hope everyone here is well, and peace to all you guys and gals :-)
I'm taking 3 classes right now, a


Posted on 2009.04.26 at 12:19
Current Mood: sadsad
I was eating dinner last night, and I had the news on...said that Bea Arthur had passed...how freakin sad! I actually remember her on Maud (as Maud) and Dorothy on The Golden Girls. I guess I'll have to watch Lifetime to watch old episodes ... rest in peace Bea:(

Happy New Year all!!

Posted on 2009.01.02 at 16:00
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Well, I'm so stoked about the new year, and though 08 wasn't all that bad, it is always good to get a fresh start! A good friend of mine stopped by new years eve, and asked if I would be interested in coming over to her place to bring in the new year, and I cheerfully accepted the offer...to tell the truth I was moping all day as i didn't have any plans. I had a few drinks which made the night even more enjoyable, and she had some of her friends over, and they were all a hoot! As far as resolutions go:
I don't have any! I never keep them anyway!
I'm excited about starting back at school next monday, and on the 12th, back to work. I hope the economy improves this year. It is so sad to talk to people who have either lost their jobs or are in fear of losing their job. This is just another example that capitalism is screwing so many people! I feel good about this year though, and with that fucker Bush out of office, at least we have some glimmer of hope.

Another year almost gone...

Posted on 2008.12.26 at 19:17
Current Location: Jacksonville, FL
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Current Music: American jesus - Bad Religion
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I really can't believe how fast this year has gone! Christmas was nice...got to see my Dad who is in from St. Croix, Got new clothes, ate lots of food etc. For the new year, I want to get a tatoo, but not sure what to get. It's been really nice not worrying about school shit, but it starts back on the 5th. I start back at work on the 12th.
I've been laughing my arse off watching clips of The Young Ones on You tube. It has been so freakin long since I've watched it ...made me feel like i was 16 again! lol I'd like to find out if they have all the episodes on dvd.

This is so cool!

Posted on 2008.11.02 at 20:41
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I got my new computer last thursday, and what is so cool about it is that I can actually watch all those videos from Youtube that you guys post! With the old computer i couldn't hear shit not to mention not seeing it. My friend David in Houston is going to post old video clips he saved back from our demonstrations with Queer Nation and ACT-UP in the early 90s to Youtube...total nostalgia! We had major demonstrations when the Republican National Convention came to Houston in 1992, a big demonstration against queer bashing in the local Montrose area of Houston...10 youths from an afflueant suburb decided to come to Montrose and kill them some "faggots". It was totally sad because a young guy was beaten and stabbed to death on 4th of July, 1991. All this seems like a life time ago, and i guess it was, but I'm glad I got to be a part of it all. I wish Queer Nation was still an entity, but maybe someone might be inspired one day to start it back up.
All is good. School is good, and I'm looking forward to next semester. The spring schedule was posted online, so i get to look for the classes I need to take. I'm a little nervous about tuesday, but i really feel that Obama is going to be our next president! He is supposed to be in Jacksonville tomorrow morning, but I won't be able to go. he was here a few weeks ago, and the place he spoke held 12,000 and there were still lots of people waiting outside. I feel good about life now, and with this much needed change, I feel real great! No politition is perfect, but a change is needed.

Posted on 2008.10.22 at 22:40
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Well, it is official...I got that workstudy job at the Department of sociology, anthropology and criminal justice!!! I go tomorrow to human resources to do some paper work and give them my SS card (which I got on monday), state id, and then it is totally the start of a new chapter for me! My job description includes answering the phone, sending e-mails, greeting people, and other stuff. I'll be working on tuesdays, thursdays and fridays from 11 to 5, which is great!! I've been unemployed since November 1994, and it is nice to get a second wind (even if it is 14 years).
I found out today that DBS will be delivering my new computer next, and this computer guy will be installing all the new stuff for it...life is indeed a good thing:) Has anyone on my friends list seen Religulous (The new Bill Mohrs documentary)? He is one of my favorite comedians, and from his appearances on Larry King, Hard Ball etc...it sounds like it is going to be a really funny film. A friend of mine told me that she heard that the closest venue it is playing at is in Orlando, which is over 2 hours away. Let me know, pretty please?

A job?

Posted on 2008.10.16 at 17:49
Current Location: Jacksonville, FL
Current Mood: Good
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Well, I went for that interview for a work study at the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice, and I think it was a success!  The office manager assured me that all accomadations  would be met for me to use the computer, phones etc.  I'm waiting for my social security card as I lost it and I went to the SS office last friday to get a new one, so I hope to have it in a few days. 
I've been having computer woes as of late after installing the new version of the JAWS software I use...I payed over $300 for this software, and since Division of Blind Services wasn't paying shit for me, I wrote them a killer letter of justification  telling DBS that I know they want me to go full time to school, but due to life circumstances parttime works better for me, and that I'm trustworthy, have a GPA of 3.12, yada, yada, and that because this technology that is supposed to help a blind college student is so freakin expensive that I really need their help.  They approved it, so I'm getting a new pc, which should be installed by weeks end! 
This past week or so has been pretty stressful, but in this case I'm coming up smelling like roses!  lol  I went to the LGBT Resource Center on campus, and just wanted to say hello as I've never visited there before.  Forrest Whitiker was on campus a few fridays ago, but I found out about it after the fact.  I'm excited about the election this year, and if Obama keeps up the "MO", then he'll have it in the bag! 

1st exam...sweeeet!

Posted on 2008.09.25 at 20:46
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I had my first exam in social psychology last monday. I wasn't sure what my grade was as it was posted on black board, and it doesn't give you a percentage grade. There were two numbers on the final count...48 50. Being the neurotic dork that I am sometimes, I thought the 48 was like 48%, but on closer inspection the 48 actually meant that I got 48 of the 50 questions right!! Needless to say, this is a very sweet start to the fall semester! I take my first exam in Stress management next monday, and I feel confident about that one. I did a little division work, and my grade for the social psychology exam was 96%.
The weather here turned nice. I could actually wear a pair of jeans, and not sweat my balls off on the way to Starbucks. All is well here:)

Fall is great so far

Posted on 2008.09.20 at 14:09
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This post is very concerned with the state of life as it has started off this fall. So far in school this semester, I've mett lots of cool people, started counseling with an openly gay counselor who has invited me to several events the LGBT Resource Center on campus is holding, still waiting to hear from the woman in charge of the program I'm supposed to do Work study with, and it is finally starting to cool off here a bit...if you live in FL then you know what I mean, but for those of you who live up North or elsewhere where it gets down right cold now, you would say "it is so fucking hot!". Obama is in town today, and I wish I could've gone, but I'll check it out on the news. McCain was here like last week, so at least Obama is recognizing us up herein Jacksonville...can we say breath of fresh air??

Same ol' shit!

Posted on 2008.09.05 at 16:10
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After trying real hard not to give any credence to the telivision this past week, I sense that the evangelical wrong is up to their old tricks, and that this v.p. pick for McCain actually worsens the whole affect of the political environment of this country...as if it could get any worse? To expound on Cody's post, any Queer who votes Republican is in a state of "self hatred", and that they in turn screw the rest of us who just happen to thing that the republican party is just another face of fascism, and they are totally shitting on the constitution and don't give a shit about persons who might actually question the government and all those who are not happy with the state of affairs. I must say that it is not only Queers who are the target of their christian angst, but anyone who doesn't fit their Leave it to Beaver, Pleasantville, pie in the sky, utopia , which is a load of shit anyway.
My discontent with what I've heard from Palin is not because she is a woman, but her subscription to the same ol' shit is nothing new. She is Just Bush, Chenney, McCain with tits and a vagina...nuff said.

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